Friday, March 30, 2007

new gallery

visit my friend gina's newest venture, level three gallery

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

wed am...

well wed am - midweek for me...i'm sure i have tons of work to do, but am tired and unmotivated and really enjoying watching klaus kinski videos on youtube...

here is my favorite, an absolute classic
- from werner herzog's MY BEST FIEND a documentary about herzog and kinski's stormy working relationship that included both men considering murdering the other...

g*d bless the internet. thank you al gore...

Monday, March 26, 2007

signs of spring

for some it is the first bloom. for some it is the chirping of birds. for some, the start of the baseball season. for some even, it is the first sneeze of the new allergy season...

for me though, the sign of spring is the first sighting of an old, fat, shirtless guy on a riding mower.

it is officially spring...

what means spring to you (apologizes to any southern hemisphere readers...)

Friday, March 23, 2007

upcoming show...

i am going to have a number of pieces in the upcoming sean members show:


Friday, April 6, Annual Members Show

Location: Arts Collinwood Gallery, 15605 Waterloo Road Cleveland, Ohio 44110

Public Reception: 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Cost: Free to Public

Exhibit runs through April 27, 2007

from: AH Sean Page

Saturday, March 17, 2007


i have Posterior Vitreous Detachment, which apparently is not that huge of a deal, and at least the vision issues i been having aren't that serious. it does mean that i am even more prone though to a detached retina. i was already more prone because of my extreme nearsightedness - my awareness of that was why i noticed this issue in the first place and went to the doctor. the treatment of pvd is, apparently, to get used to it...

the real hurt came in the article that said 75% of folks over 65 have this - well, i ain't close to 65!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

from bridget

WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL ______________....

AFTER 'what's your ideal ----blankety blank----'

1. drink on the outside patio in better weather
mojito or beer

2. best color to paint the inside of your garage

3. shoes to wear to wind down after work
my earth shoes from mooshoes - well, that's what i wear to work...also my teva sandals

4. the best bathroom reading material
whatever is handy

5. dessert after hot sex
i don't think this is what al gore had in mind when he invented the internet

6. product in the shower
hmmm - there's a store at the mall - bath and body? something like that - the one that smells good - current fave: pomegranate

7. outdoor winter sports activity
i've ice skated and xc skiied - not lately

8. smell of your sheets after washing
like when they smell like fresh air

9. song to drive fast to work to
deep purple: highway star

10 . outfit to lounge around in
tuxedo? seriously, is there another answer than t-shirt and pj or sweat pants?

11. plant to survive your office enviroment

12. munchie food to bring to work

13. place to kiss your lover
i don't kiss and tell

14. position in an excellent job you love
my current job!

15. vehicle to drive very fast too

16. dinner to eat on special occasion/birfday

17. outfit to wear to a funeral
being there is more important than what you wear...

18. astrological sign you get along with
no clue

19. television show to watch home sick
hmmm - seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm

20. amount of time spent in a retail big box shopping

21. sound when you are trying to sleep

22. candy bar to munch; stressed at work
plain hershey's

23. place to meet that special someone
well, i met *my* special someone thru a mutual friend, ymmv...

24. situation where you really pulled it off
every day, baby!
to quote some great poet (big daddy kane, maybe?) "i get the job done. i work."

tag: anyone who wants to...

Monday, March 12, 2007


listen to crepuscule and give me feedback

Saturday, March 10, 2007

are cylons windows or mac?

my guess is windows:
a. when things go bad, their solution is to reboot...
b. they are intent on taking over the universe...

please weigh in on this important topic - let's start a meme here!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

why i blog/why i don't blog - point/counterpoint...

i've been tagged by bridget to post 5 reasons why i blog.
in the spirit of doing more than asked of me, i will extend the post to cover why i don't blog - as a way of explaining my recent blog drought...

why i blog

i think is a set of intertwined reasons...in no real order...

1. i am a dabbler. dabbling can be viewed either as a positive (wow, he's a renaissance man) or a negative (he's not serious, he has a short attention span, it's just a phase). for me, i think i am somewhere in the middle, where i usually appear. two things help - i am a quick study and curious about a wide range of things. i think in a professional context, dabbling has served me well - esp. in my current job as a professor...but also in previous contexts - i am versatile... so while i might not be an "expert" in anything, i am (at the risk of sounding immodest) at least pretty good in a bunch of things... so, there may be experts that know more about databases than me and designers that know more about web design, i am pretty sure that i'm much stronger in web design than most db experts and much stronger in db than most web design experts... in my job now, i teach a wide range of classes - wider than most - for a number of reasons, size of faculty, etc - but in general, my versatility is valuable

so, what does this have to do with blogging...well, blogging is one more of the things i dabble with - and a way to document my other dabblings...and blogging ought be at least dabbled with by professionals in my field

2. i am very shy in real life. it takes me a long time to get to know people. i don't meet new people often. i generally do much better relating to people in formal contexts - i.e. i might be the only person on earth that would have less of a problem giving a presentation to 50 strangers than to make small talk at a party with someone i didn't know well. blogging gives a degree of safety to my communications

3. tell someone a funny joke, and the first thing they'll do is tell it to someone else...if you have a bad day, you want to tell someone about it. it is human nature to want to share/vent. i think of my blog as a way to scratch this itch without boring to tears people around me that may or may not be interested in some specific interest of mine.

4. my blog is a sandbox. a way i have practiced technical skills. i doubt if i would know as much about css without creating/maintaining a blog. in the past, i've used my site to play around with flash, photoshop, and most recently photography and image manipulation. could i have done any/all of these things without blogging - sure - but the having a real audience is valuable - plus the sense of keeping up a block forces the issue sometimes....

5. connecting! face it, for the most part, blogging provides a way to connect with people. for the most part any of the things i described i could do offline, yet, what would be missing is the interaction - i have *met* and gotten to *know* at least on some level so many wonderful people i would not otherwise had a chance to connect with. while i know that it is a different kind of connection - it is still a connection with other people - something everyone needs to some degree or another - something that is sometimes lacking for me...

why i don't blog

ok i just emailed kristin yesterday a bunch of reasons why i haven't been blogging lately - speaking of strange loops - a blog entry about not blogging...

not blogging for me, i think, is a huge negative feedback loop...

a. i'm real busy this semester - essentially working 1.5+ times a full load
b. really have nothing to say
c. really don't feel compelled to blog (having nothing to say never
stopped me before)
d. if anything, feel like communicating via pictures - these seem to
attract little interest..
e. not getting much feedback when i do blog - on the rare ocassion
when i do blog - the blogosphere responds with a giant ho hum.... same
thing with posting pictures to flickr - i am not starving for
attention (well, maybe i am...a bit) but to connect with people is one
of the reasons i do this...
f. typical feb/march SAD
g. garden variety depression...
h. when not depressed - feeling - uh, i don't know - apathetic in
general, resigned, melancholy... and not even in a *bad* way.... just
in a way that is neither cheerful nor loquacious...

all these things have an insidious effect on each other... that i
don't blog often and don' t really have much to say when i do means
less folks are reading and am less likely to get feedback on the rare
ocassions i *do*say something that is worthwhile... which further
decreases motivation, depresses me, makes me less likely to use what
few precious minutes of free time blogging....and the cycle continues
- you can connect all the rest of the dots... to complete the feedback


ok, i tag kristin , and jen and anyone else that still reads and cares to...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

"i am a strange loop"


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