Thursday, May 31, 2007

sleeper album of the year...

my wife loves the new iPod + iTunes commercial, so we looked up the music - she bpought the cd and must say Endangered Species by Nickodemus is THE sleeper album of the year - electro-multi-cultural - but mainly just fun - great dance record. it even makes me, the non-dancingest person on the planet want to shake my groove thing - a part of the anatomy which has previously been non-discovered...

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ansel adams

i see ansel adams has an exhibition of his photos in town.

i loved his work as potsie on happy days, but didn't realize he was also a photographer.

can't wait to see it.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

puritas art festival

i will be at the puritas art festival sunday 12-6pm
let me know if you want more details

so i am watching vh1 classic....

in between proving my utter ineptitude in home repair* when a commercial comes on for the VISIONARY steve miller - who's fly like an eagle cd is 30 years old...

VISIONARY?! i even *like* steve miller - but VISIONARY is perhaps the last adjective i'd use... i mean if he is a visionarty, what is, say bjork - a demi-goddess (well, actually she is....)

*to be fair, i sucessful mostly fixed the water coming to our fridge (after i broke it) - so we'll call that even...

i failed to fix the drippy show, but i think on the second try i got it...

i must be the most charming man on the universe, as my wife surely dod not marry me for looks, money or handyman skillz...

Saturday, May 26, 2007

iris blooming

P5267187.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

level three opening

from level three gallery blog

Art Exhibition: Level Three Gallery Grand Opening

Where: Level Three Gallery
3635 Perkins Ave
Cleveland, OH 44114
*minutes from downtown
**free parking available

Open: Friday, June 1st 6-10
And by appointment.

Level Three Gallery and Showroom, the newest art space in Cleveland is located at 3635 Perkins Ave. It is owned and curated by Marlene Forst and Gina DeSantis. The space is also home to their studios. It will house monthly exhibitions. The opening exhibit will include their work as well as the work of Bob Peck, Bridget Ginley, and Peter Krajcovic, and Richard Cihlar.

Marlene Forst has owned and managed Forst Gallery located at Great Northern Mall for the past 16 years. She is a graduate of Bowling Green University, majoring in art education and design. She works as an abstract painter and has received numerous commissions for clients in the Cleveland area.

Gina DeSantis works as a visual merchandiser and is an instructor for Art House, a Cleveland non-profit visual art organization. She earned her M.F.A. from Kent State University in ceramics and her B.A. in Studio Art from Cleveland State University. Her work includes functional ceramics and jewelry.

Although both artists work respectively in fine art and fine craft they hope to represent a balance between the often overlapping mediums. They both find inspiration in modern design and create art heavily saturated in color and texture.
Artist submissions are being reviewed for upcoming shows.
For more information regarding portfolio submission or gallery inquiries please
contact Gina DeSantis at artzy_grl@yahoo.com.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

the answer...

P5236829.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


Monday, May 21, 2007


i am done with the semester...
this one was particularly brutal, as i was teaching 6 courses (4 would be a full load - so essentially working time and a half all semester...)

took my daughter to see fall out boy - it was fun - while they are not my cup of tea, they were good and it was an entertaining show - there were a bunch of other bands there (the academy is, paul wall, cobra starship and plus 44 or something (plus 44 - didn't really care for...)
the radio was talking about taking kids to concerts - how old they should be - outrageous behavior, etc... imho, the crowd last night was well behaved (dad mode) - and the antisocial behavior was at a minimum compared to the concerts of my youth... (you know lawrence welk, etc...) there were a lot of parents w/their kids...

as always i am a day late, dollar short - i have started watching heroes....
great show...

and if you know what happened in the sopranos or entourage last night please don't tell me...

Monday, May 14, 2007


P5146033_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


P5146034_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


light, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


P5135880_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

dark and light

P5145978.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


P5146033.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

does anyone have a clue what this is? i have one in my yard. my guess is an alien life form...

P5146158.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

my cat hiding in the bushes; resentful of how cute she looks...

P5146103.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.


i hate you tony...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


P5125817_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

furry little woodland creature

icelandic poppies

P5115478_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

full set here

not to be confused with the icelandic rose

more pics

P5115600_2.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

from another spring set

Friday, May 11, 2007

cool friday...

spiderman as ganesh, etc

new addiction

best movie i've seen in ages...

have a great weekend

Thursday, May 10, 2007

10 interesting things...

bridget tagged me to post 10 interesting but little known facts about myself

i am not sure how interesting they are - but my guess is that they are not obvious...

1. i can juggle. i taught myself from a book i got out of the library when i was in high school. my guess is that this one fact is a microcosm of my whole life.

2. i did not learn to swim until my 40's. was pretty afraid of water until then - still am not very crazy about it. among other things, it was a good lesson for my kids in confronting fear. (btw - after examining bridget's qualifications for being a parent - i think i'd qualify under her regime - though it's a bit late now...)

3. i have a feather from the boa of hulk hogan framed in my basement. like a huge percentage of young kids i grew up watching pro wrestling. i still have a soft spot for pro wrestling - though not so much the current product - although i did have front row seats last summer in cleveland when i obtained the aforementioned feather. i attended wrestlemania iii in pontiac michigan. saw hulk hogan body slam andre the giant. in general, one of the most fun weekends of my life.

4. when i am bored i check my server referral log to see how many people hotlink to photos i have taken. quite a few folks do - esp. on myspace. apparently dandelions, my favorite flower (don't tell me they are weeds) are popular...

5. i'm kind of ambidextrous...

6. the song lyric that best summarizes me is:
No one I think is in my tree, I mean it must be high or low
That is you can't you know tune in but it's all right, that is I think it's not too bad

7. i have horrible eyesight to begin with and now have slight blurring in my left eye. the eye dr. said it is not serious and nothing they can do aout it, but i still find it terrifying...

8. self-pity might be my worst trait. i mean, i have to have pity for myself, i have no friends.

9. i miss 70's jazz fusion. back when there was originality and creativity and wasn't muzak...

10. the most trouble i ever got into in school was for eating pistachios...

i tag anyone who wants to - leave a comment if you post...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

from artocracy mailling list


Megan Murphy, founder of Artocracy, will be interviewed on ART ROCKS! this evening at 7:00 p.m. PST. The interview will discuss the concept of Artocracy, the new website, and the incredible artists who make Artocracy possible.

more spring

P5085085.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

see my flickr set

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


cheer me up....

Sunday, May 06, 2007

bw - mostly dandelions

bw - mostly dandelions

Saturday, May 05, 2007


P5044595.JPG, originally uploaded by mike_zellers.

see more

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


here is my latest gallery - which documents my work with processing

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