Tuesday, December 19, 2006

winter break...

so what am i doing on break?
well, some r&r...watched breathless (1960), serenity/firefly, planning my multimedia class and am combining two of my passions - photography and programming by using processing - a tool that allows one to programmatically manipulate photos...

see my experiments ...

i could see incorporating something like this in my multimedia class, but not necessarily - i love how my work/personal lfe has blurred...a lot of what has started with me as just personal explorations (say, blogging) has worked its way into my teaching - and vice versa (digital photography)...

i am done christmas shopping - most of which was done online - baking thurs (tho' i am cheating by using the cut/bake cookies) - then on to the most dreaded holiday chore - wrapping


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Monday, December 18, 2006

yin and yang

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Saturday, December 16, 2006


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Friday, December 15, 2006

in the spirit of the holidays...

i generally don't like negativity, but wwhat the heck, a bit of moaning can be therapeutic...


COLOR: in clothing, black - i think it is such a cliche...other than that, what's to hate about a color
TOWN/CITY: **edit**omg - in my initial answer, i posted two cities that i love by mistake (my hometown and minneapolis - freudian slip?) anyhow, i can't think of a town i don't like - i suspect i wouldn't like las vegas - but you know, nothing personal, that's just not my thing...**edit**
MOVIE: forest gump
ASPECT OF BLOGGER: getting no feedback (ahem)
ANIMAL: not sure if i *hate* them, but bats creep me out...
SEASON: winter after christmas
TALKING ON THE PHONE: when i don't feel like it and the other party doesn't catch on...
WATCHING TV OR MOVIES: movies: endless previews tv: how, on a "kid friendly" show there are non-kid friendly commercials...
EATING IN RESTAURANTS: those that don't offer much to vegetarians - either in terms of selections or in assistance
SHOWERING: getting the water temp *just right*
DATING: now how on earth would i know anything about this. all my limited dating experience is so many years ago, anything i would say would be so irrelevant
THE BEACH: dead fish
THE GROCERY STORE: poor taxonomy
HABIT IN OTHERS? inflexibility
HABIT OF YOURS? endless rumination
THING ABOUT WOMEN? do you really think i am stupid enough to answer this...
THING ABOUT MEN? interested in boring things
WHAT'S ANNOYING YOU TODAY? touch of a headache...

from kristin

hot off the presses...

(or whatever the web equivalent is...)

nature's grafitti

a real cool new site full of comix, and other good stuff...

oh yeah, and the creators of the site have great taste in photography....

Monday, December 11, 2006


material w/buckethead

Friday, December 08, 2006

other end of the year awards

keep in mind, living in the hinterlands, some of these items might not have been from this year, but this year is when i discovered them....

movie: the wild blue yonder (w. herzog, director)
tv: scrubs; little people, big world
book: the laws of simplicity - john maeda
book (fiction): special topics in calamity physics - marisha pessl
concert: richard thompson
movie soundtrack: marie antoinette
video game: tetris ds
sentient being: simba PC040950.JPG
magazine of the year: dwell
radio show of the year: jazz on 3 - jez nelson - bbc3
video of the year: weird al - white and nerdy
blog/record label of the year: greenleaf music
cookie (biscuit) of the year: tim tam
podcast of the year: ricky gervais
person of the year: karl pilkington

your choices?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

record of the year...

the year is not quite done yet, but i am ready to pick my record of the year. in fact, the record i am picking has not even been completely recorded yet...

dave douglas has a 6 night gig, 2 sets a night, at the jazz standard in ny. starting 12/5... each show is available for download the next day! so, i have the first two nights and anxiously awaiting the rest...

douglas is my current favorite - an outstanding musician with some great ideas about using the internet to connect with his fans directly, rather than thru the big (evil) record companies... dave founded greenleaf records....

anyhow, read more here....

what's yours?

Monday, December 04, 2006

meditations on a wine glass

new photo set

someone help me...

if there is anyone out there, a year or two back on bbcamerica, there was a show that was a spoof of the educational films of the 70's. it covered science, but was all wrong - very funny - very dry... proving again, the key to comedy is to act straight up serious....

anyone know the name of the show - driving me nuts - can't find a trace of it on the internet...

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