Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pretty snow

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Monday, January 29, 2007


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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

listening to...

the good, the bad and the queen...
sounds, to me, like a sonic portrait of london, 2007...

and you?

Friday, January 19, 2007

scrubs: the musical...

...was perhaps the funnest 1/2 hour of my life...

favorite childhood memory

kristin, the scandanvian demi-goddess, in an attempt to break me from my current blog draught, asked me to post my childhood memory...

it took a long time to respond - and not because i'm lazy (well, not *just* because...)

no single memory stands out - and don't take this to mean i'm whining about having a bad childhood...quite the contrary - i think i had a great childhood...

so rather than recounting my single finest childhood memory, i'll recount a bunch of the most notable ones...

note:for the purpose of this post, since i never really left childhood, let's consider anything under 18

  • the smell of the house on thanksgiving

  • doing a reading in church for my first communion; my dad did one as well...

  • 12 o clock mass and my dad insisting he did not fall asleep

  • whiffle ball in the backyard

  • watching pro wrestling on tv - my brother taking me to see it live in a high school gym

  • playing tennis 5 or 6 hours a day with friends

  • learning how to program computers from one of my favorite teachers ever (who teaches part time at my college now...)

  • my parents filling up a little inflatable pool for me in the backyard

  • dad's bbq chicken

  • mom's chicken soup

  • (with those 2 no longer available, no wonder i am a vegetarian now)

  • my dog freaking out when anyone rattled a potato chip bag

  • hating school until late in high school

  • buying bowie's ziggy stardust for 3.99

  • my first 8 track

  • hearing bohemian rhapsody for the first time

  • going to high school and pro sporting events with my brother

  • riding to high school in a friends car that had no heater - and alternately spewed smoke

  • intentionally losing at risk at a friends' house so i could watch tv

  • having a crush on a friend's sister

  • being an altar boy

  • being with my mom as she cleaned the church

  • walking down to my grandfather's house - who i am named after - the only grandparent i remember well

  • playing football with friends

  • reading the jim thorpe story a bunch of time and 100's of other sports' biographies

  • being into the olympics

  • the culture shock of going from catholic grade school to public high school

  • finding out that nonreligious friends of mine were good people

  • two words: laurie partridge

  • all my pets

  • my dad laughing at cartoons

  • my mom - being my mom (struggled to put it better - can't)

  • my sister's bleach blonde hair

  • my brother's oldsmobile

  • my other brother's crazy friends

i guess when the day is done, the memories surround the great parents and family i have...this was harder than i thought and slightly cathartic - try it...

i miss you mom and dad!

anyone else want to contribute a topic, feel free to leave it in comments...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Artocracy.org: my photos on innovative site…

it is my sincere pleasure to let you know that 10 of my
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see my work on artocracy i found out about artocracy from an article in good magazine – take a look for more details on the founder’s unique vision good magazine article

it is truly a wonderful site – so check it out – great variety of artists

besides that, the site has a great attitude – one that seeks to eliminate some of the elitism surrounding art

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