Wednesday, March 14, 2007

from bridget

WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL ______________....

AFTER 'what's your ideal ----blankety blank----'

1. drink on the outside patio in better weather
mojito or beer

2. best color to paint the inside of your garage

3. shoes to wear to wind down after work
my earth shoes from mooshoes - well, that's what i wear to work...also my teva sandals

4. the best bathroom reading material
whatever is handy

5. dessert after hot sex
i don't think this is what al gore had in mind when he invented the internet

6. product in the shower
hmmm - there's a store at the mall - bath and body? something like that - the one that smells good - current fave: pomegranate

7. outdoor winter sports activity
i've ice skated and xc skiied - not lately

8. smell of your sheets after washing
like when they smell like fresh air

9. song to drive fast to work to
deep purple: highway star

10 . outfit to lounge around in
tuxedo? seriously, is there another answer than t-shirt and pj or sweat pants?

11. plant to survive your office enviroment

12. munchie food to bring to work

13. place to kiss your lover
i don't kiss and tell

14. position in an excellent job you love
my current job!

15. vehicle to drive very fast too

16. dinner to eat on special occasion/birfday

17. outfit to wear to a funeral
being there is more important than what you wear...

18. astrological sign you get along with
no clue

19. television show to watch home sick
hmmm - seinfeld, curb your enthusiasm

20. amount of time spent in a retail big box shopping

21. sound when you are trying to sleep

22. candy bar to munch; stressed at work
plain hershey's

23. place to meet that special someone
well, i met *my* special someone thru a mutual friend, ymmv...

24. situation where you really pulled it off
every day, baby!
to quote some great poet (big daddy kane, maybe?) "i get the job done. i work."

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At 10:19 PM, Blogger artgirl said...

cheers to the mojito. i plan on a pitcher monday night. or i should say sharing a pitcher. that would be bad.


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