Sunday, November 19, 2006

the wild blue yonder

the wild blue yonder is a beautiful, fascinating and innovative movie. to describe or analyze something of this nature does not seem right as i would not do it justice. see it and let me know what you think...

Monday, November 06, 2006

eno/byrne - remixed by me

files removed - i ran out of server space...you can visit the remix site if you want a listen

a favorite album of mine from years back was eno/byrne's my life in the bush of ghosts...

to celebrate it's re-release a while back, they have a remix site which supplies all the tracks for two songs: help me somebody and a secret life - and invites you to remix them... **EDIT** you can find my mixes on the above site- remember, i am in ohio - if you can't find them, shoot me an email and i'll point you in the right direction **EDIT**

i used a great open source program audacity to do this - of course, this sort of thing is resource intensive and brought my machine to a crawl...

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