Monday, November 07, 2005

this. that.

jen and i have reopened our olympic fever blog

my brother lives in new york - after talking to him about his life, i've come up with a major revelation of what i don't find satisfying about suburban life. now, for many of you, this might be obvious - but there's no places to hang out in the suburbs... i love my neighborhood, but there really aren't any close places to hang with friends, meet cool new people, etc... where do you folks hang out?

the thing about anxiety/depression that people that don't suffer from it don't *get* (tom cruise, among others) is that it is not tied to external conditions. it's different than being nervous about, say, an audit or a final exam. i woke up today very anxious, and really, there's no reason - today shapes up to be a boring, but fairly normal-easy day...

tonight is my new favorite show no reservations - any anthony bourdain fans there? - i really like his show/books - even though he goofs on vegetarians...

it is ironic that after posting i have nothing to say has come my most prolific blogging in a while...i suspect, i still don't have much to say - but i'm not letting that stopping me from say it - at great length... or perhaps, it's just that i have some breathing room in my work schedule...



At 8:58 PM, Anonymous sharon said...

i like anthony bourdain! he's just so funny. he was in Singapore once for a book signing and i got an autograph...along with a cute little drawing. nice!

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous kristĂ­n said...

You need to take up yoga again, sweetie. My pshyco says it's the best thing for anxiety/depression, for it is stress reducing.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to my yoga class...

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Chloe said...

On the first question - you'd best ask my mother. ;) She moves from state to state, every few years, to suburbs, and seems to immediately make friends and have people she's hanging out with! I will say, she's the type of person who gets to know her neighbors, involves herself in stuff like a church that has social gatherings, and joins activities like a bowling team/league.
I do much the same thing, except for me, I involve myself in things other than church & bowling.
As for urban living... There might be more places to meet people... but it seems to me like people I meet from the country are friendlier.

As for external forces for mental illnesses... I think what you said is both true, and not quite true.
While yes, I believe that many mental illnesses & emotional disturbances have to do with a physiological brain chemistry thing, rather than just an outside force or circumstance...I've been noticing in recent years that people who, say, are suicidally depressed... It seems to me that when I look at their lives, I immediately see what choices they're making that would undoubtably make anyone miserable!!
(And it seems like the person in it is the last to see what's obvious to everyone else!)

Of course I'm convinced that brain chemistry plays a big part. (Which is obviously why some people have more trouble with this than others.) But I'm just saying.

I'm not into the woo-woo yoga kind of thing, I heard it's physically & emotionally beneficial to many.
I don't know what your particular situation is, of course, so I'm just speaking generally...
Our bodies are designed for movement. It's a proven fact that excercize can shed tension & lift emotional spirits... So I'm going to assume the other side of that is true - that lack of physical activity can bring you down and/or make you tense.
Not that I'm any paragon example of beneficial excercise!! haha.

But obviously I think there's a lot of factors involved. A recipe, if you will. And a recipe to counteract it... Which, whatever Tom sci-fi-religion Cruise said, might need to involve, for some, medication and/or therapy.

At 9:20 AM, Blogger Mike said...

sharon- nice, indeed, i am jealous ;-)

kristin- yes you are right about the yoga - and not just for that reason - really the anxiety level is not very severe - the odd thing is that there really isn't any "reason" for it... i thi nk sometimes the period *after* a stressful time is anxiety inducing...

chloe - well, you are right - perhaps it has more to do with the person than the setting - i don't make friends that easy - so i prob. would be just as much of a friendless loser anywhere ;-)


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