Friday, November 04, 2005


notebook page

i keep a little notebook with me on which, i jot down thoughts, doodle, etc...

i haven't written anything in it for ages, i was looking through it and found the above page, and i got a kick out of it...

i scribbled this page while sitting in a very boring class. i can honestly say, this page accurately captures my feelings of that moment. longtime readers will note it betrays my anti-PowerPoint® bias.

the text, in case you can't read it is...

  • ppt is excruciating!

  • grad school teachers can't give presentations.

  • don't know how to use powerpoint

note how in the original, these are listed faux bullet point style. perhaps it is a coincindence, but i believe this was done deliberately, as the next page includes the phrase "death by bullet(point)"

the balloon coming from my mouth says" "take me now, Lord"


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