Thursday, May 12, 2005

z list

ok - here is a list of things that have had my attention for the past bit...things are very busy now (end of semester and all), and any of these items deserves a blog entry of its own. i'm not even bothering to link, as i know my sagacious readers can stfw... or ask if more details are desired. plus a stream of conscious type entry may give this a modern literary feel:

reading: free culture - lawrence lessig, nation of rebels - heath/potter, outside magazine

watching: life aquatic (2 dvd), giro d'italia, alias (arvin clone, hehe)

playing: (all xbox) star wars lego, star wars: revenge of the sith, midnight club 3:dub edition

listening: freddie hubbard and george benson (cti recordings), kraftwek (TdF soundtrack and 2004 coachella show)

apparel: layered shirts, official team zissou beanie

doing: taking photos of the world returning to life, grading, completing next to last masters class, waiting for semester to end, procrastinating


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