this application takes several pictures of mannequins and one of me and randomly combines them, while colorizing them and adding a kaleidoscope effect with audio.


Warning: Need Java-enabled browser - and file may take long to load on slower connections. Picture will change over time. Many parameters are random, so this it would be virtually impossible to see the same loop twice. use the r key to refresh to reset to a different set of images/audio. press any other key to trigger a sound - move mouse slowly to shift image and audio

run as applet


Source code: faces7

Credits: Audio clips downloaded from free clips. I am acting in good faith that this site has not violated copyright. If I am mistaken and you believe you are the holder of the copyright on any of the audioclips, please let me know. Attribution given to the following people (users of free-clips) who used the Creative Common licensing on their respective clips: shagrugge, djgriffin, mamanfie, shannon hurle, christopher willits and mad merv

Built with Processing

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