Thursday, July 24, 2008

365 Project - Day 1: Schlumpy

Adults are as vulnerable to peer pressure as anyone. Everyone else, it seems is doing the 365 project, so I must as well. I plan on creating images by a variety of methods - whatever works for the day...This was taken on my mac book using the built in iSight camera i PhotoBooth.

So, why schlumpy? Had a mild case of food poisoning yesterday - after eating cheese ravioli at a very nice restaurant. Prime suspect: alfredo sauce. Not to be deterred, I am back on the horse today - enjoyed a frozen Stouffers fettucine alfredo - pack my lunches in advance so this is what I had. Headache today. Last day teaching this week. Am teaching 4 days a week over summer term, which in retrospect, might have been a bit too much - as for us faculty, summer ought to be a time for renewal and to work on projects we can't get to during the year. So here i am - staring at laptop between classes waiting for lunch to heat.


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