Monday, September 17, 2007

dissed by g*d's messenger of peace...

had a great time at the tremont art festival.

the highlight for me was sunday morning, when our booth (gina, ruth and i shared a booth...) was visited by a guy who said he was g*d's messenger of peace for this area (tremont? cleveland? midwest? USA? earth? milky way?)

he went up to ruth and gina and said to both of them "g*d loves you and you are doing exactly what you should be doing." and then gave them a paper. he looked at me and just said, "hi"... so apparently g*d doesn't love me, i am not doing what i am supposed to be doing, or both...

on the other hand, observing him for a few minutes seemed to indicate that this particular "messenger of peace" was most interested in spreading g*d love to attractive, young females... well, given i am 0-3 on that scorecard, it is no wonder this messenger had no message to deliver to me...


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