Thursday, July 20, 2006

tour de wow!

while the absence of lance armstrong may mean that i am not as emotionally wrapped up in this year's tour de france - the competition, the ups and downs of the various riders has made this no less thrilling....

after a lackluster day yesterday, floyd landis, "the pedalin' mennonite" (bob roll) pulls back into 3rd - 30 seconds behind... i am pulling for landis (hey, no one complained about national chauvinism in the world cup, so don't gripe about me cheering for an american - besides, he's an interesting, likeable fellow, from what i've read) - but really, ultimately, i don't care too strongly who wins, just, pardon the pun, enjoying the ride...

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At 12:34 PM, Anonymous JenBen said...

Is Landis the one with the shot hips, pedalling in constant pain, or is that Hincapie?

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Mike said...

it is landis


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