Friday, April 08, 2005


this is probably the longest i've gone between posts since i've started blogging. no real reason....

anyhow, here's what i've been up to...

spring seems to be here - finally, we had a few nice days then got nailed by a mini-blizzard last week - but that seems finished. it was so windy - my daughter was scared - so i sleft on the floor next to her bed. i am not sure how that made it any better - i mean, i didn't stop the wind, but it seemed to help her out, so i'm not gonna press the issue...

i spoke to two groups of 10th graders this week - forget the pope (rip), if you are a high school techer, you are a saint. it went ok...but was very stressful...

been playing the lego star wars video game. it reeks of awesomeness - and the lego queen amidala is the hottest lego i've ever seen...

i hope this didn't sound *that* pathetic...
oh, and i was just kidding about lego amidala being hot - uh, kinda kidding ;-)

in other news...
mountain biker extraordinaire - and all around fascinating person marla streb has a blog - loved her book...a great account of someone finding their own path instead of just doing what is expected of them - something i can relate to - given my own career change

i have vowed to get into better shape...started back yoga and tai chi - but then again - after two exhausting and long days it's hard...

musically - been digging on old george benson - the other side of abbey rd (the orig being my fave fab 4 record) and the beyond the blue horizon (a classic)

thought of the day from kerouac - vest made for flea won't fit elephant

lastly - questions from jen...

1) For whom would you risk your life to save theirs?
there are a number of ways i could answer this. since there is no way to prove it, i could give a very beautiful and noble answer. on the other hand, one really doesn't know until one faces the situation....so here's my guess - kids, wife, brothers, sisters - in no real order

2) The 24 hour Pope watch by cable news channels: done out of
respect or done not to be "out-scooped"?
who knows - out scooped, most likely - OBJECTION: counsel is leading the witness

3) Do you have a living will?

4) Which are you more likely to go see? X Men 3, Star Wars 3 or
Spiderman 3?
xmen is out - then prob a toss up between the other two - hmmm, is kirsten dunst in spiderman 3? that would tip the scales...

5) Will you be purchasing the DVD of Elektra tomorrow (4/5)?
believe it or not, no. i do, however, reserve the right to: a. rent it, b. buy it when it hits the used rack....

if anyone is still out there, thanks for reading


At 1:00 AM, Blogger scornfate said...

good to have you back, mike!

At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) my husband, my mother, HH the Dalai Lama

2) "outscooped"

3) No, but we are going to do it with 5 wishes

4) Star Wars (gotta see the last one. seen the rest, for good or bad.)

5) No.


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Emily said...

1. Any of my friends, people I know reasonbly well, my parents. I would have risked my life to save my roommate in the fire in '03 if I had thought I could make a difference, but they told me that it wouldn't have mattered because he died of carbon monoxide poisoning before I woke up.

I did yell out his name several times, and figured I had better get the hell out since he didn't respond. I thought either he had escaped or he was dead already, but if he had responded, I would have tried to do something. I almost certainly would've died though because the upper level floor caved in just after I got out.

2. Definitely outscooped. Nobody does 24-hour news out of respect.

3. No, but I have discussed the issue with my family.

4. All of the above. Yes, Kirsten Dunst is supposed to be returning. Assuming Tobey's back holds up, he'll be in it too.

5. Nope. I may rent it, but I am not a huge Daredevil fan. Only saw the movie because of the Spidey crossovers I've read.


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