Friday, December 31, 2004

"so i got that going for me..."

'so i got that going for me...'

image from the life aquatic with steve zizou altered by the author, who does not feel this is a copyright infringement because, after all it was available free on the website, and besides, i am advertising this film, which is a masterpiece, contrary to some reviews i've read... and yet another great bill murray performance (give him an oscar, already dumbasses , um, members of the academy) , and one of the best soundtracks ever, imho


At 12:32 PM, Blogger largehearted boy said...

We almost saw this yesterday, but after a long leisurely lunch (and being without watches), missed the start. Ice cream was both a poor and tasty substitute.

At 6:48 PM, Blogger claire said...

I just wanted to say happy new year!

At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Chloe said...

My friend Leslie and I saw "The Life Aquatic" the other day, and we liked it!

My sister Marie had refused to see it with me and made me see "Meet the Fockers", which I didn't like all that much at all.

The reason Marie refused to see it is because she heard from a review of the film that there was a "tragic" bit in the middle that "ruined the film".

This is coming from the same person who, when I was a child, bought me a membership to the Cousteau Society, and explained to me that Jacques Cousteau's son's death in a sea plane accident was a tragic but noble death, and if grief over their family loss stopped any of the Cousteaus from continuing their work, that would be the real tragedy. (I'm sure my older sister doesn't remember this conversation as well as my impressionable mind at the time had soaked it in. She doesn't remember many of the numerous idealistic talks she had with me 25 years ago. hah.)

Anyway, Leslie thought the movie was actually a lot funnier than she had expected it to be. I think she expected it to be "darker" actually.

I happen to like "dark comedies" - like "Brazil" is one of my favourite films... and it's interesting to note that the version I'd seen in the cinema theatre in 1985, for the first time, was the "American theatre" version, which they had made have a "happy ending" for American audiences.

Personally, I tragedy or not, I didn't think "The Life Aquatic" even was an "unhappy ending".

Leslie especially loved the Portuguese Bowie songs. haha. She was really fascinated with that.

BTW: The copyright infringement would probably only be a problem for you if you tried to make money off of it. Big studios don't go after copyright infringement unless someone's trying to make a profit off stealing. And believe it or not, people do try it, and I've heard of some being shocked and dismayed about the fact that they're not supposed to. haha.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Mike said...

i was joking about the copyright infringement. at the risk of being hyperbolic, i found it much like life - some sadness, some beauty, some laughs, some silliness...
the bowie songs were too much...
i saw it twice - once with a bigger - louder crowd and once with a smaller quieter crowd. it seemed funnier when folks laughed more, sadder when they didn't - interesting how the movie "worked" both ways
what i like is that there was no real "message" spoon fed - it was what it was and we react to it - all in all a great movie - makes me want to try the royal tennenbaums again


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