The Professor

Pro Wrestling Manager aka Mike Zellers



I started training in 2015 at Mega Championship Wrestling Wrestling School with Brandon Xavier and Jeff Traxler. I attended seminars with Bryce Remsberg, Bob Evans and Mysterious Movado. I continue to learn by talking with the more seasoned veterans in the locker room, and participating in Mega Championship Wrestling's Training Turmoil, a weekly FB Live show where trainees and veterans can work on their skills in a match environment. Note: I am not trained to take bumps.


The Professor calls himself "the most intelligent person in professional wrestling". He looks down on the great unwashed - wrestling fans - and condescends to them. He uses his expansive knowledge of professional wrestling, strategy and tactics to help the wrestlers he manages win. A lifelong wrestling fan, he felt like an outcast growing up beause he was the smartest kid in school. As he became an adult, he vowed to get revenge on the jocks and popular people the likes of which tormented him - people that rejected him. Finding some kindred spirits, he co-found The Reject Academy with Tyriq Kalam. The Reject Academy rejects the adulation of the fans and management to take their own path to victory at any cost.


Current Reject Academy -September 2021

Current Reject Academy - Sept 2021

Promo Picture

Promo Pic for The Professor


In July-September 2021, I was involved in a program where Bryan Convel had lost favor with me and my stable, The Reject Academy. He had a match vs. Zoey Skye where the program came to its climax. The following three promos show the build up - foreshadowing our tension, the climax and the aftermath.

Build Up