this application takes several pictures of kalililies and randomly combines them, while colorizing them and adding a kaleidoscope effect. The intended way to see these is with the applets. This will randomly generate many parameters for the piece. The videos and screencaps are samples - captures of runs I made during development. You may view these if your browser is not Java-enabled, or if you merely prefer.


Warning: Need Java-enabled browser - and file may take long to load on slower connections. Automatic: Picture will change over time. Mouse Driven: Move mouse around to change the manner in which the pictures overlap. Both: Many parameters are random, so this it would be virtually impossible to see the same loop twice. use the r key to refresh

run as applet (automatic) | run as applet (mouse driven)


playlist on youtube


kalilily (processing) set on flickr | slideshow on flickr


pictures taken from my kalilily set on flickr

Built with Processing

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