this application takes several pictures of mannequins and one of me and randomly combines them, while colorizing them and adding a kaleidoscope effect. Move the mouse slowly to change the manner in which the images overlap. it is very random, no two runs will likely be the same. ideally, this work is seen via the applet, if however, if due to browser limitations or preference, it can also be viewed via screencaps.


Warning: Need Java-enabled browser - and file may take long to load on slower connections. Move mouse to change image. Many parameters are random, so this it would be virtually impossible to see the same loop twice. use the r key to refresh to reset to a different set of images.

run as applet preferred mode


285574 link to flickr set | link to flickr slideshow

the screencaps were taken during a few runs of the application. the actual application is heavily randomized and is dynamic - it changes with mouse movements. these screencaps represent frozen images from a few runs.


Source code: faces6

Built with Processing

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