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i am a bit reluctant to make an “artistic statement”. after all, wouldn’t my photos be my “artistic statement”? at any rate, here are some of my thoughts.

i love taking pictures - the "act" of taking pictures. i love taking pictures of things in my everyday surrounding - many of the photos i post are from my own backyard - and most of the rest are local...

there are two reasons for this - the mundane and the pretentious...the mundane reasons is, i never go anywhere... the pretentious is that for me, photo taking is kind of a meditation. the point of most meditiation is cultivating awareness. remember, the buddha isn't a g*d or a superhuman - merely an ordinary person who is completely aware. the thought is, once one is aware of one's actions and their consequence and the inter-relationship of all - one cannot help living in a loving and compassionate manner. taking photos of the things around me has helped me *see* and realize the beauty around me - making me more aware and appreciative. i love taking photos of weeds – trees, other mundane or everyday things - to find the beauty in them - i think is a great lesson in life. by the way, i hate the distinction between flowers and weeds...the standard definition: a weed is something i haven't planted is as good an expression as any of humanities view of the environment - if i can't control it, it ain't any good...

i strongly feel the most beautiful place on earth is where ever you find yourself - no matter where it might be... i take pictures of things I feel are beautiful and I like to share them with others. i hope you find beauty in my pictures.

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