Disappear - by Mike Zellers


Here is prototype- press any key or click mouse - move mouse around. Note: this requires a java-enabled browser. If it doesn't work on your machine, view the video below instead. I will continue to update the prototype and this document - as changes are made - the video less often.


The piece starts with an image of me. It will begin to fade and will be manipulated automatically. Additionally, interaction with keyboard or mouse will cause different manipulations of the image.

Differences with final version

I am still playing with the timing of the fading/auto manipulations. More manipulations may be added. I will also likely fiddle with some of the chance parameters. A different photo may be used. In the final version, every time the images change it will overwrite the image. The original, and each mutation of it are therefore gone forever.

Artistic Statement

Here are some thoughts I had while making and thinking about this piece.


The actual piece contains many chance operations. As such it could never be the same twice. However, if you do not have a Java enabled browser, this video will give you an idea of the piece. This is a screen capture of one run I made. The fading and user interactions have been accelerated for demonstration purposes. *updated 3/19/2010*